What is ECCU?

Europe-China Commercial Union (ECCU) is an EU-China business & trade promotion organization. It was founded in August 2003 in Paris, France, after the publication of the ‘Europe-China Economic and Trade Review’ magazine which has been published from 1994 in Europe and in China. ECCU aims to promote economic exchanges and cooperation between EU countries and China. It is chaired by Mr. Jacques SANTER (EU Commission President, 1998-2002) and co-chaired by Mr. Jean-Luc DEHAENA (Former Belgian Prime Minister, 1992-1999). The former French Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN was also Co-president for ECCU before handing this position to his colleague Mr. Jean PIZET, senator and vice-president of UMP (French political party) in the EU Parliament. ECCU was officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in 2003, and has settled representative offices in several Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

From its establishment, ECCU has built strong cooperation and partnerships with European institutions, such as public administrations, local governments, industry organizations, financial groups and multinational companies. Some European countries like France, Germany, UK, Italy or Belgium have developed or extended their cooperation with related Chinese institutions thanks to ECCU’s efforts.

Key actions

ECCU has organized and sponsored numerous fairs and exhibitions between the EU and China.

– In 2004: ECCU organized in Beijing the second session of the “Sino-European anti-dumping Summit” in conjunction with the second largest Chinese News Agency, Guangming Daily

– From 2005: at the request of the municipal government of Zhongshan (Guangdong Province), and the National Association of Food Industry, ECCU organized the “International Food Exhibition” which immediately became a major event in the Chinese food industry.

– From 2007: ECCU launched the “International Exhibition on Sustainable Development” in Hangzhou, at the request and in direct link with several Chinese institutions such as the National Committee on Environment and Natural Resources of the Chinese National People’s Congress, the National Commission on Development and Reform, the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Center for research and Development of the Central Government and the Municipality of Hangzhou.

– 2010-2011: one of the most important events in the history of agricultural cooperation between China and France has been the creation of the first pig farming project using French standards, with a capacity of 200,000 hogs per year. ECCU led this project with a strong support from the French Ministry of Agriculture and the French National Pig Institute (IFIP). This pilot project was warmly welcomed by the leaders of both countries. In this context, ECCU launched with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture a Sino-French conference on cooperation in sustainable food and agriculture in November 2011. Since then, more and more cooperation between the EU and China have emerged in this area.